Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Little Dream

One day, I was walking to the playground with my whole family. We were all holding colourful umbrellas. Soon a strong wind passed the playground, my family huddled together to keep from flying away except for me. I ran away with my arms spread open to feel the cool wind. Suddenly, the nice wind picked me up and away I went. My hair flew all over the place. What a mess! I was FLYING in circles all over the place with a bunch of dead leaves! "Wheeeeee!!!!!!!!! this is lovely to be flying!!", I yelled.

The wind slowly slowed down. Two leaves went under my feet. I gently floated back onto the ground. I ran towards my mother. But the wind picked me up again! This time I never came down again. So I woke up. So it was just a dream I thought. But how I loved that dream!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I wrote about my dream because one of my wishes is to fly!

  2. What a fun little dream! While I was young, I used to dream about flying freely in the sky too. All I needed to do in the dream was to run and flap my arms and in the next second, I was flying up high in the sky! Whee~~

  3. That is an interesting dream. I wish I have one too :)