Monday, March 14, 2011

Bad Examination

One hot afternoon,

I was in school doing my malay exam. The next day I was in school doing my chinese exam.Next came malay again, chinese again, chinese mathematics , chinese science and english.

Well, all the scores came out well except for the second chinese exam which got 73% marks!

So, I guess exam isn't that bad after all. Isn't it?


  1. I do think that you are doing quite well in most of the subjects too. Keep up your efforts, sweetie!

    Let me tell you a secret, I didn't like exam while I was a young school kid like you too. But without tests and exam, I won't know whether I truly comprehend what I had learned in school.

    Exam is not that bad at all. You just need to divide your time wisely between your chores, studies and play. You'll still have lots of time to do your reading, write your blog and play!

    I do enjoy reading your blog and I'd love to see more coming!!

  2. Why exam?! Playtime is better!

  3. Exam is the worse thing in my life!

  4. I think you are dealing well with your examinations, sweetie. Take it easy. Anyhow, you only need to sit for exam 4 times a year. It can't be the worst, right? ^_^