Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Little Dream

One day, I was walking to the playground with my whole family. We were all holding colourful umbrellas. Soon a strong wind passed the playground, my family huddled together to keep from flying away except for me. I ran away with my arms spread open to feel the cool wind. Suddenly, the nice wind picked me up and away I went. My hair flew all over the place. What a mess! I was FLYING in circles all over the place with a bunch of dead leaves! "Wheeeeee!!!!!!!!! this is lovely to be flying!!", I yelled.

The wind slowly slowed down. Two leaves went under my feet. I gently floated back onto the ground. I ran towards my mother. But the wind picked me up again! This time I never came down again. So I woke up. So it was just a dream I thought. But how I loved that dream!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Playcash and Gold , Silver and Green Clovers

This is how it started,

Mommy was bringing me and my neighbor home from school and she talked to me about some stuff.
Soon she told me that she was going to start an account for me. I was so excited! " What kind of account?! " I asked, " A bank account?! " "No lah" said Mommy " A Playcash account." " What IS a Playcash account? " I asked " A Playcash account is where you earn Playcash when you do something good to play and if you're extra good you get the Green Clover, in you're exam you get 80% marks and above you get a Silver Clover, and if you get 95% marks and above you get a Gold Clover and if you get 100% marks you get two Gold Clovers!" said Mommy. "Hmmm I think I like that." I said. And guess what? Got  ten Playcash as a start! And I got a Green Clover at the first day of using that account! Aren't I lucky?!

Bad Examination

One hot afternoon,

I was in school doing my malay exam. The next day I was in school doing my chinese exam.Next came malay again, chinese again, chinese mathematics , chinese science and english.

Well, all the scores came out well except for the second chinese exam which got 73% marks!

So, I guess exam isn't that bad after all. Isn't it?