Friday, March 9, 2012

Club Penguin Members

  Oh great, now what?!?! GRR! Oh, sorry. Some member from Club Penguin just told me, " OMG Your Clothes Are SOOO Last Century! LOL! " and walked off to her buddy, Waddler,  and told her to try the EXACT SAME THING! GRR! I should have told them I love vintage stuff so they couldn't tease me! Well thats the problem with just some members. Others are OK. Why? Because someone was a member and started it! That someone would tease the non-members, then when the non-members became members, they are the ones who tease the non-members! So nowadays non-members just keep getting teased, laughed at, teased, left out, and teased again. Oh I do wish that there's a Non-members Event in Club Penguin so that we have clothes!

1 comment:

  1. Most of the mean members are currently called "Preps" in Club Penguin, for a fact.